About us

App development for hardworking industries

Workhorse Development was founded in 2013 on a passion for innovating in mobile technology. Established as a sister company to globalHMA, a central Pennsylvania-based B2B advertising agency, Workhorse Development was created with the mission of providing custom solutions and robust apps for hardworking industries. Workhorse Development has grown into a thriving small business over its first few years, developing unique technical solutions for industries such as agriculture, chemicals, plastics, building and construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, HVACR, water and more. We drive ourselves to stay up to date on the latest cutting-edge technologies and devices and the necessary problem-solving skills that come with early adoption.

Our Team

Our creative team consists of a cohesive yet independent group of experts fueled by the latest technology paired with a desire to create. We don’t shy away from a challenge. We embrace all things digital – in fact, that’s how we began. What started out as a love for gadgets, cutting-edge software, and Apple products has flourished over the years into a successful app-making business.

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Drew Dorgan


Drew is Workhorse’s visionary leader, discussing potential new apps with clients, constantly improving the development process and dreaming up the next big thing.

Amanda Vera


Amanda is Workhorse’s focused leader, building relationships with clients and tackling challenges to provide the best solution for clients.

Andrew Hughmanick

Deployment Director

Andrew facilitates the delivery of apps developed into release by coordinating versioning management and managing code projects, and addresses key interactions of our projects by building prototypes.

Tetiana Kozelska

Full Stack Developer

Tetiana builds and maintains intricate, user-friendly databases.

Alex Oborin

Full Stack Developer

Alex deploys intuitive interfaces and maintains secure data flow of content within databases.

Oleksandr Rudenko

iOS/Android Developer

Oleksandr is a multi-talented developer coding in both iOS and Android.

Rosty Balaniuk

iOS Developer

Rosty focuses on iOS through both X-code and SWIFT code creation.

Rebecca Magar

Web Developer

Rebecca designs and develops interactive web apps, creating prototypes, writing code, helping with debugging and managing user data.

Tech Stack

We utilize every tool on our ever-growing workbench to maximize our efficiency and production, as well as keep our apps on the cutting edge.


From mobile and tablet to wearables and TV, we develop for a variety of platforms and devices: iOS, Android, web, Windows, BlackBerry and more. Read more about the mobile app development services we offer below.

Native Mobile Apps

Native apps offer the best overall solution on a device, providing a custom user experience built for a specific hardware platform and for specific devices. Native apps can leverage SDKs (software developer kits) for the hardware they run on, opening a realm of possibilities not always available with web-based apps. Native apps also run substantially faster and reside directly on a device, compared to web apps that reside online and are rendered directly in a browser. We have experience developing native apps for the most popular platforms available, ranging from simple table-based applications to complex multi-interface solutions requiring server set-up, database integration and more.

Web Applications and Development

Web applications are a cost-effective solution when full native apps may not be a necessity or the perfect fit for your overall goals. Web apps are applications hosted remotely and delivered through your device’s browser interface. They can be a less costly option when looking to develop applications with less extensive features or where accessibility is a concern. We can guide you through the process of determining the best fit for your goals and when developing a web app might make the most sense.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Keeping a firm grasp on your employees’ devices is becoming increasingly difficult as technology develops, apps become more accessible and new security vulnerabilities are discovered. Mobile device management ensures devices are secure, accessible and easy to locate and maintain, from simple “relaxed” rules to fully locked down and managed devices. We can help you establish the system that works best for you based on your IT requirements, existing in-house devices and corporate security needs.

Wireframing and UI/UX Design

Have an idea but not sure how to visualize it? We can help you cultivate the usability of your app through fully developed wireframes that allow you to envision how users will flow through the interface, identify key pain points and put functionality to screen. We’ll also help you develop the look and feel of your app, whether its based off of strict brand guidelines or needs guidance to adhere to common user interface best practices.

App Updates

If you have an established mobile app, we can support you with app maintenance and updates. We can help you to identify key areas of improvement, potential features relevant to your user base and areas of growth.

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