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Four critical steps to ensure app success

4 steps to app success

We see it all the time — people with great ideas for building an app. How can you tell what apps will have success in the app stores? What apps can you build and use – not discard after one or two launches? Based on our app development experience, we’ve

Does your app really need a landing page?

Why app needing landing pages

Ridiculous question, maybe. Of course your app needs a landing page! But sometimes it feels like a hassle to create an app landing page or website. You spend all this time preparing and testing your app that sometimes app marketing and promotion is merely an afterthought. In fact, an app

How often should you update your app?

A mobile app is not a “set it, and forget it” tool. Once you’ve published your app, app updates can be a most effective marketing tool. If you want your app to continue to function the way it’s intended, your app requires maintenance and regular updates. You change the oil

Mobile technology benefits the construction industry

construction workers on work site.

The shift to a mobile-first ecosystem in the construction industry started a few years ago. However, some industries, especially in the B2B world, have been slow to adopt this kind of technology. While most of the world is moving forward, these industries are still using fairly dated procedures and programs

Chemical industry? There’s an app for that…

Chemical industry apps

Any general search in the App Store or Google Play Store can return millions of results. Apps drive our day-to-day routines, constantly giving us quicker solutions to faster accomplish the chores of life (and the fun stuff too). Apps identify needs and solve problems. It is their core function and

AgTech: literally growing our futures

tractor in field under blue sky

7.5 billion people (and growing) want more, better food available to them all year long. It doesn’t take an economist to determine that supply very clearly isn’t meeting demand, driving up the price of food worldwide. Left to economies of scale, such a potential crisis becomes boundless and unattainable. The

Parse: have you migrated yet?

parse migration

If your app stores user information by the way of contact forms, contest entries or newsletter subscriptions, you may use Parse as your tool of choice to store these contacts. Parse is a Mobile Backend as Service provider. In other words, the tool helps mobile developers store data in the cloud, manage identity logins,