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What does Apple’s latest keynote mean for your apps?

Apple keynote takeaways

Apple held its much-anticipated keynote event earlier today. Many announcements were around product releases and upgrades. I’m going to give you the TL;DR of it all, specifically related to what you need to know to update and maintain a good user experience for your apps. First and foremost, and not

4 reasons why B2B calculator apps could land your next big customer

B2B calculator apps

While we all enjoy apps that keep us connected to one another and apps that help us practice mindfulness and apps that help us edit pictures and apps that help us post pictures, and, and, and… Yet, these apps are all personal. They may lend to success in our jobs.

Mobile technology benefits the construction industry

construction workers on work site.

The shift to a mobile-first ecosystem in the construction industry started a few years ago. However, some industries, especially in the B2B world, have been slow to adopt this kind of technology. While most of the world is moving forward, these industries are still using fairly dated procedures and programs