Mobile apps for heavy-hitting industry

Most of our clients' apps and ideas are safeguarded secrets and contain proprietary information; however, we’ve developed mobile apps for a wide variety of industries and applications. Get an idea of what we’re all about in these app development industry examples.


Helping farmers produce better yields for a hungry world is not an easy task. Bringing technology to an age-old occupation, this app for agriculture helped farmers apply the right amount of fumigation through precise calculations, resulting in better production, higher yields and higher quality crops.

Building and Construction

Quality control and safety measures are an integral part of the construction industry, where even the simplest of mistakes can have significant consequences. This proprietary app established a checks-and-balances system for a process that hadn’t seen updates in decades. Through automated reports and sign-offs, this construction firm was able to better rely on the quality of work from their subcontractors, while providing safety accountability, measurement and reporting to their customers.


How do you stand out from the competition when your potential customers aren’t informed of all the options? Differentiating in the chemical industry is key. With a comparison app used as a sales tool, this specialty chemicals company gave customers all the options, with side-by-side comparison of competitors’ products to their own down to comprehensive characteristics and formulation properties. The tool quickly leveled the playing field in a niche market.


In many communities, livestock agriculture is the livelihood of countless families; however, processes remain at the mercy of low-tech solutions. One feed company aimed to change this by automating data collection and providing an overarching view of production numbers. With the help of a comprehensive app, farmers were able to eliminate the need for paper forms and to automate data used to maintain the well-being of their flocks and herds.

Oil and Gas

One client, a major player in the oil and gas industry, sought to create a dynamic calculator to determine fuel savings from their additives in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand format. The result was a widely praised interface, allowing customers to add their own formulations and generating potential cost savings with a few clicks of a button.


Bringing the HVACR industry to the 21st century was a challenge one client sought to tackle. Clunky paper charts, used industry-wide, were the accepted standard for configuring pressure and temperature in new and existing refrigeration, heating and air conditioning systems. With a dynamic, on-the-fly calculator, product properties, unit converter and more built into their app, our client was able to create a comprehensive tool that was easy to navigate and provided more accurate numbers. With over 30,000 downloads and counting, the app has seen monumental success beyond original expectations.

Plastics and Polymers

Bringing a visual approach to plastic component design, from aerospace to signage and point-of-purchase displays, is no easy task. Enter this app, which provided a platform for designers to view desired properties and perform dynamic search by top industry criteria and also allowed visual comparison by colors and swatches to create the most effective palette for their project.

Tradeshows, Sales, and Events

With a need to more closely manage customer needs and expectations while enhancing sales capabilities, one major client utilized this app to provide a one-stop shop for collateral, presentations, videos, data sheets and more. The introduction of this comprehensive tool, updated on a monthly basis, helped align their global sales team and provide a foundation for customer relations.